Brigitte Berman

Disruptive Ideas for Next Gen Leaders


"To me Brigitte was the highlight of the ADL centennial Oct. 31 at the Grand Hyatt in New York. Never mind that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was there to announce that he has agreed to open up even more advanced military capabilities to Israel, including the new V-22 Osprey. This is a tilt-rotor aircraft that takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane." 

- Tim Boxer The Jewish Week


"While we adults agonize about how kids are getting bullied and cyber bullied, it has taken one teen to tackle the problem herself...a more socially aware, more clear thinking teen I have not met. Good for you Brigitte." - Phil on Radio Australia Today Blog

"I wanted to send you an email and thank you for your efforts.  I am a mother of two boys - one of whom was bullied."  - Laurie

"Thanks for making a huge positive impact on the lives of my daughters and so many others I'm sure! Great event last night!" - Monica via Facebook


Student reaction to TEDxredmond:

"I've like been just sort of passing off... starting a movement on that like I wasn't old enough....but one of the stories that inspired me the most [was] the bullying one with Brigitte.  I thought that was just really touched me just got me thinking about all the different things that we could do and [to] change things."


"Dorie's fictional bullies hit like a punch to the gut."

- Margery Eagen Boston Herald Newspaper


"Brigitte, you are awesome! It was so great to meet you and see that there are young people really impacting long term change! You have renwed our sense of purpose even more!" - ReThink It Movement via Facebook

"Teen wise beyond her years..." 

- Brian Calvert KOMO News

im so glad that u came to my school today. It ment so much to me that u wrote a book about what u went through at school. I was starting to cry this morning.cuz I can relate to some of the stuff that happened to us…  -Dylan via Facebook

Bullying has become such a hot topic…and your book has really hit a cord with many of our young adolescents. - administrator at Framingham Public School